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Poker Night in America episodes move to Maryland Live! Casino in Baltimore

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Colorado Casinos

I live in Colorado Springs. The closest poker room is the midnight Rose in Cripple Creek which is just over an hour away. That's the only place I've played poker other than Baltimore's Horseshoe Casino. I was wondering if anyone had thoughts on Blackhawk versus Cripple Creek. Blackhawk is almost twice as far, but has more casinos that offer poker. Is it worth making the drive?
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Baltimore’s Horseshoe Casino hit by 29% revenue loss following Nation Harbor's opening

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I got really really drunk and played 1/2 for 8 hands

So, I have this rule where I don't play poker in a casino if I'm drunk. I have casino trips where I get hammered and play roulette/BJ/craps/whatever, but I will never let myself play poker when I'm very drunk because I don't wanna be that guy.
The closest casino to me is 2 hours away so when I go I usually have to be sober anyways so I can drive home. I was visiting a buddy in Baltimore with absolutely no intentions of going to the horseshoe, but as fate would have it, I got really drunk at the bars, lost all my friends, and walked 3 miles to the Horseshoe by myself.
I sat down at a 1/3 table so drunk that I was squinting one of my eyes to be able to see my cards. The dude across from me probably thought I was winking at him. I sat down with $120 in front of me, and on the second hand, I went all in. I have no clue what I had and I have no clue what villain had but I just remember everyone looking at me in disgust as the dealer shipped a $260 pot my way.
I folded a few more hands I think, and then, on my 8th hand of the night, when I had the SB, I picked up AK offsuit. Something about being that drunk, AKo literally felt like quad aces to me. A dude UTG raised to 12, got 2 callers, and the btn raised to 30. I looked down at my quad aces, looked back up and quickly announced all in. I got three callers, and the pot was 950 dollars.
I remember saying "let's flip em, boys" and rolling over my AK confidently. No one else flipped their cards. Flop comes 35J rainbow. No worries, turn is a K. River is an Ace. Everyone again looks disgusted and mucks. BTN raiser flips over his AJ suited and says "what a fucking joke". I now have 8x my original buy-in. I pretend to take a phone call about my dog running away and leave the table. As I'm walking away I hear people calling me a piece of shit.
That was my most successful 1/2 session ever. I literally don't remember half of it. I work decently hard to improve my game and have sessions where I feel like I played well where I breakeven and lose money, and then I have a session where I blindly stumble into a 1/2 game and leave up 800 dollars in 15 minutes. Have I found the secret to poker?
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Looking for poker home game in North Baltimore/Towson Area

Just moved from Texas and I am an avid poker player. I know there are several casinos in the area which I will certainly be playing at but I was wondering if anyone knew of any local home games in the north Baltimore/Towson area as I enjoy playing home games as well. I did see that The Bowman Restaurant in parkville had weekly poker tournaments so any feedback from anyone who has played there would be welcome too. Thanks in advance for any info!
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Good spots to live DC?

I am 21 and looking to move to the city around August. I have a 3 year old daughter who I get one week at a time. She will be joining pre k in the fall. I play poker half the time and am In sales half of the time.
My schedule will be much easier when my daughter goes to school, as I will be able to work when she is in school on my week with her and on my week off I can have a job and a personal life.
I make about 90k a year, so I believe I will have a smaller 800/mo townhome in Frederick county where my daughter was born so she can have the best schools and we still live right around her mom.
I can work wherever or whenever I want for either sales or poker, so splitting between two houses isn’t impossible.
When I am not with my daughter I would like to have a lot of people to talk to, go out and have fun, clubbing and things like that.
Any good areas within 1 hr of Baltimore and within 20 minutes to MGMNH that have a good nightlife? What times would a 20 minute commute to the casino be longer because of traffic on Fridays Saturday’s?
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Horseshoe Baltimore review and a bonus bad beat story

Live in DC and usually play at MGM for cash games and Live for the occasional tourney. Had a bachelor party in Baltimore a few weekends ago and spent some time Friday and Saturday night at Horseshoe. Casino itself is in one of the better areas of Baltimore (by the stadiums) and although we ubered in and out there was a big garage right next to the casino. Security everywhere which is probably a necessity in good ol' B'more.
There's 2 floors to the casino. Pretty average generally and we didn't eat anything so can't comment on the food. Shitty cover band playing the first night and I think a washed up 90s band the second night but not sure. Poker room is above average. Nice big space and 9 handed at most. Way more room than Live (haven't been to MGM since they moved the poker room, so dunno how it compares to new space). I don't know my experience compares with other non-Ravens game weekends (we were there for Ravens/Steelers game), but at least the weekend we were there games were really soft. There were probably 10-12 1/3 tables running, 2 2/5 tables, 1 5/10 shorthanded table. Usually play 2/5, but had been drinking all day and was there with some buddies, so we jumped into a 1/3 game and sat near each other so we could keep drinking and enjoying ourselves. Table was a nice mix of drunk tourists and really bad regs. Horseshoe lets you straddle from anywhere and at least the tables I was at both nights the straddle was on almost every hand (usually 6, but one drunk dude the second night kept straddling for 15 and then folding). Tons of action and decent level of talking and none of the headphones in not speaking crowd. Lots of jamming with non top pairs, misreading hands, etc. Anyway, would be curious from others who have been if the games are always this soft or it was a mix of the usual crowd + tourists in town for game. I don't think I'd drive up from DC given that MGM is pretty juicy as well, but I would definitely encourage people that usually go to Live to consider going up to Horseshoe instead.
Ok bad beat time. Had been playing for about an hour. On about 400 stack. Table is loose and we're probably an average stack. Pocket 9s in MP. Raise to 20 (6 straddle was on). Get 2 callers that both cover us including a stoned kid that straddled from UTG. He was a good guy and had been joking around with us. Obviously higher than a kite and was doing strange things all night, but was enjoying himself. Flop comes 933 rainbow. Start thinking how I'm going to squeeze some value out of this when my stoner buddy fires 75. I pretend to think for a little bit and then call. Other guy folds. Turn is a 7, but before the dealer even has slid the card into place, stoner kid says all in. I call about a second later and he says I've got you and flips over 83o. I show him the bad news and he says oh I didn't think of that. I turn and shrug to my friend who is laughing and then suddenly looks like he say a car wreck and says oh sorry dude that sucks. Turn back around and get a look at the river 3. Proceed to watch stoner kid punt off my should have been chips to everyone at table except for me and then leave. Still a fun night and would definitely make the trip back.
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Dr. Horseshoe (or how I learned to stop worrying and just got detained at the casino for sticking up for their employees).

Hi, Baltimore! You may remember me from such hits as the most upvoted comment in this subreddit ever!. Believe it or not, I'm actually a huge fan of law enforcement and respect everything they do for us...just not this time. Without further ado, my latest interaction with law enforcement!'s Sunday night/Monday morning. I decide to go over and play a small bit of poker. After losing my buy-in (chasing a flush draw) I decided a better use of my time would be to go and have a drink. I went down to the 1st floor bar and ordered a cocktail...
I was having a delightful time with the wonderful bar staff, when we all noticed a patron who was acting...erratically. Slamming his head and glass on the bar, talking nonsense, screaming, and demanding they play "Jainie's [sic] Crying" by Van Halen. His behavior became more and more strange. The staff informed me that they had seen him before, and this is how he always acted, and it got progressively worse.
I went outside to smoke, and when I returned, I noticed four security guards in yellow standing behind him and wondering what to do. The bartenders had since skedattled to the back; it was clear that they had called security about his erratic behavior.
I thought it would be nice to approach him (as a non-employee) and invited him outside for a smoke. He agreed and we went outside for a cig. We talked about music (I played him my favorite Van Halen song of the era, Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love"), and eventually I advised him that security was eyeballing him and it may be in his best interests to leave. During the course of the conversation, I noted that he was clearly mentally...unbalanced.
When I went back inside, the bartenders were talking to security, and one of them implored me to relate the state of the gentleman in question. I obliged, and she escorted me to the front where security was to verify what was going on.
They then proceeded to interrogate me; what was this man doing, did you feel threatened, etc. I told them that he seemed...strange, and related his actions. I DELIBERATELY waited for the security team to use the word "schizophrenic" to which I immediately agreed, he (in my layman but educated opinion) displayed signed of schizophrenia.
At this point, a supervisor of security (who shall remain nameless for the time being) arrived from the elevator and approached me and asked me to leave. Huh? Okay, I said, do you want me to pay my tab? He said yes, and two yellow-jacketed employees escorted me back to the bar, with him behind.
I went to the bartender and informed her that I was being kicked out. WHAT?!? She informed them that I was not the issue and was trying to help her, and demanded to know why I was in any trouble with security and said that at the very least, I should be allowed to finish my drink and my tab should be comped. She placed my drink in front of me and demanded I be allowed to stay.
At that point, the security supervisor stated that I was "trespassing" and the cops were on their way. Fantastic. At this point, I may have started recording all this on my phone's camera. I obliged them and returned to the front of the casino, where they ripped my phone out of my hand and attempted to delete the potential video.
The police then came and escorted me upstairs, where I was issued me a criminal citation for trespass (which I may or may not have recorded and may or may not include the security supervisor attempting to steal my phone again out of my pocket).
I'm not even pissed they messed with me; it's that there was clearly a danger to their staff and patrons (that I was pulled into) and they chose to ignore it and detain and cite the witness to this. It was also clear that the bartender was in trouble (the security supervisor demanded her name be placed on the record several times)...for wanting to protect herself and the business.
I'm also curious as to the rules of videoing your interactions with security in a casino. I get that you can't record hands of blackjack, but if you're out of the gaming area, talking with police in a room with video cameras, it seems fair game to record. Perhaps I'm wrong?
Anyhoo...happy Monday? If anyone (including the press and/or a lawyer) would like to contact me about what happened, I'd love to talk about it. I will also beg for upvotes so this poor girl (who was really fantastic, a great employee and human being) has her story told and doesn't get fired. Cheers!
tl;dr--schizo gets me kicked out of the casino, who wants to fire the girl who is also awesome.
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Dodgers at a crossroads with Jon Lester. ESPN Insider report by Buster Olney

If the Dodgers really want Jon Lester and he doesn’t have any personal objections to playing in Los Angeles, a rival evaluator mused Thursday, then the Dodgers will get him. Plain and simple. Their pile of money is much larger than any team other than the Yankees -- who are not in the Lester bidding -- and if Lester’s decision comes down to the dollars alone, they will win.
But only the Dodgers and Lester’s agent, Seth Levinson, know exactly how invested L.A. is in this pursuit. There are pros and cons for team president Andrew Friedman going all-in on Lester, but there is absolutely no downside to the Dodgers jumping in on the bidding, showing big stack of chips (but not necessarily spending).
Friedman has never really been in the power position in baseball’s poker game before, having spent all of his years in the casino of baseball playing the penny and nickel slots with the Rays. This is true as well for Josh Byrnes, Friedman’s senior vice president for baseball operations, who previously served as the GM for the budget-conscious Diamondbacks and Padres, and general manager Farhan Zaidi, who worked under Billy Beane in Oakland before Friedman hired him. Each of them probably has had ideas on how they might have attacked the market if they had run a club with a massive payroll, but generally, this is a first for all them.
When Friedman ran the Rays, he never could have influenced the bidding of the Yankees or Red Sox, but at the very least, he’s in a position to push the Giants in their effort to land Lester, to force them to bid beyond their comfort level. Lester could sign with the Cubs or Red Sox, but Friedman could force Chicago and Boston to spend so much that those teams are out of position to pursue one of the many high-end pitchers who will hit the market in the next year -- David Price (whom Friedman drafted in Tampa Bay), Jordan Zimmermann, Johnny Cueto, Jeff Samardzija, Doug Fister.
The Dodgers could try to trade for Cole Hamels or Zimmermann, but they know that the Phillies or Nationals would target one or more of their big three set of prospects -- shortstop Corey Seager, who could reach the big leagues sometime next season; center fielder Joc Pederson, for whom the Dodgers are working to clear a lineup spot by trading Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier; and pitcher Julio Urias. They’d prefer to draw from their ample account of cash to add a pitcher.
Maybe Lester will be that guy. There would be reasons to go after him, and reasons to just stay in the bidding while focusing on others.
  1. Lester is one of the best pitchers in baseball, coming off the best season of his career. He had a 2.46 ERA in 219 2/3 innings, with only 48 walks and 220 strikeouts in 2014. He would make the Dodgers better for next season, slotting in behind Clayton Kershaw and Zack Greinke in the L.A. rotation, and in front of Hyun-Jin Ryu, who has shown that he’s not really a workhorse-type of pitcher. And remember, the top of the Dodgers’ farm system is incredibly thin in starting pitching.
  2. By signing Lester, the Dodgers would improve the bullpen, because Lester -- who is a workhorse -- would absorb some of the innings that were left to the bullpen last season. With Kershaw, Greinke and Lester regularly pitching deep into games, manager Don Mattingly could provide proper rest for his primary relievers.
  3. Signing Lester for cash now would reduce the likelihood that the Dodgers would have to surrender prospects to upgrade their rotation this winter or next summer. Let’s play devil’s advocate: If the Dodgers went into the 2015 season with Kershaw, Greinke, Ryu, Dan Haren and another veteran and either Kershaw or Greinke suffered a relatively significant injury, they'd have no choice but to try to work a trade at midsummer prices -- and other teams would inevitably demand Seager, Pederson or Urias. In a sense, signing Lester would protect the Dodgers’ prospects.
  4. The Dodgers don’t have to give up a draft pick to sign Lester, who didn’t receive a qualifying offer last month because he was traded in the midst of the 2014 season. They would have to surrender a pick to sign Max Scherzer or James Shields.
  5. Lester is really the best pitcher available right now. The Dodgers could wait for someone like a Price or Zimmermann or Samardzija to become available in a suitable trade, or as free agents next fall. But Lester is the guy at the top of the board right now, just as Hanley Ramirez and Pablo Sandoval were for the Red Sox a couple of weeks ago. Yes, Scherzer is a free agent as well, but owners past and present of the Astros, Red Sox and other teams would warn against the perils of waiting for a Scott Boras client to make a deal. The Dodgers could wait for Scherzer’s market to play out in the weeks ahead -- or they can grab Lester. Again, it's done now.
  6. They’ve got the money to bear the risk inherent a deal the size and scope that Lester will require. The Rays don’t, the Athletics don’t, many other teams don’t. The Dodgers do.
The Cons
  1. The vast majority of long-term deals for pitchers in the middle of their careers do not work out, and Lester turns 31 in January and has a lot of mileage: He’s thrown 26,231 pitches, with six seasons of 200 or more innings. If his career follows the arc of many of his predecessors, the team that invests big money in him will be paying major dollars for a lot of the regression in his career.
  2. Signing Lester now would be a model of dollar inefficiency, because he will be one of the two most expensive pitchers who goes for retail price this winter and it’s inevitable that the Dodgers could get a better deal down the road. If the Dodgers wait, there will inevitably be options for fewer dollars, given the sheer volume of pitchers who will become available -- and perhaps with less risk for career regression, whether it be Zimmermann, who will be a free agent next fall at age 29, or Price, now 29, or Cueto, who will be 29 in February. Shields, who pitched and led for Friedman in Tampa Bay, is a free agent now and will cost far less than Lester. Samardzija will be 30 this winter, but he’s thrown less than half of the total pitches in his career than Lester, at just over 12,000. The underrated Fister will hit the market next fall, along with sinkerballer Rick Porcello.
(The question of Lester’s relative value, compared to other options that will develop down the road, is the primary reason why I’m guessing that the Dodgers don’t jump in and crush the field with their bid. I think they’d get more bang for their buck by signing Shields and then pursuing another starter down the road. But it’s only a guess.)
  1. The Dodgers will probably be really good even if they don’t sign Lester, given the fact that Kershaw and Greinke lead their rotation. They don’t necessarily have to have Lester, especially if they improve their bullpen.
When the negotiations finally reach the finish line -- which could come sometime next week, at the winter meetings -- this will be Lester’s choice, and interestingly, he knows a lot of folks involved in the bidding, and they know him. His ties with the Red Sox run deep, of course. Theo Epstein, the president of the Cubs, was the general manager of the Red Sox when Lester broke into the big leagues, and Jed Hoyer, Chicago’s GM, was Epstein’s assistant in Boston. Lester is said to have walked away from his meeting with the Cubs extremely impressed, and comfortable with what he heard.
Zaidi was with the Athletics when they traded for Lester last summer. Byrnes was with the Red Sox at the time Boston drafted Lester. Gabe Kapler, part of the Dodgers’ front office, was a teammate of Lester in Boston.
For the Red Sox, the pursuit of Lester is personal, a matter of bringing him home. For the Cubs, Lester is the centerpiece of their winter strategy at this point; if they land him, they’ll likely be more aggressive in making other moves for 2015, strengthening the club around him. The Giants would have a perfect partner for Madison Bumgarner.
But the other clubs are probably at the mercy of the Dodgers, who are capable of throwing out a number none of the other teams would try to match.
Do the Dodgers want to do that? We’ll see.
For the readers: If you were in Friedman’s position, would you spend heavily on Lester, or would you merely push the bidding and target a better value deal?
• Pitchers like Lester are a 50-50 bet to last into their mid-30s. The market for Lester is exploding, writes Nick Cafardo.
If Lester winds up with a deal in the range of $140 million to $150 million -- and given the perfect array of big-market and emotionally invested bidders, it’s hard to imagine him signing for less than that -- then Boston’s misread of the market last winter, with its $70 million, four-year offer, will be fully illuminated. And that’s even if Lester re-signs with Boston, because his final deal with the Red Sox would be close to double what that offer was less than a year ago.
The left-hander was fully prepared to re-sign with the Red Sox last winter, friends say, but that $70 million offer was well below his market value, and everything changed.
David Ortiz is pushing for Lester.
• Jayson Stark, Jerry Crasnick and I talked about a lot of teams and players in a pre-winter meetings podcast.
• After a report emerged that teams are being told that Chase Headley has a $65 million, four-year deal, the most-asked industry question in the hours that followed was: Which team did that?
The Giants are interested in Headley, as assistant GM Bobby Evans acknowledged.
• Evaluators report that the sheer volume of conversations between clubs has picked up enormously in the past few days, and they expect a flood of deals to happen.
• Wrote about this earlier in the week: Melky Cabrera could be a great fit for the Mariners. Nelson Cruz was introduced in Seattle. The Mariners have powered up, writes Bob Dutton.
• Andre Ethier, who has handled the Dodgers’ outfield logjam with total professionalism, told the team he wants to start next season, whether in L.A. or somewhere else.
• The Tigers won’t trade a starter, says David Dombrowski. The fine print: That could change if Detroit re-signs Scherzer.
• The Orioles have had a tough week; Dan Duquette says help is on the way. Duquette talked about concerns about Nick Markakis.
In advance of the winter meetings, Justin Havens of ESPN Stats & Information detailed the breadth of concerns for the defending AL East champions:
  1. Nelson Cruz leaves for Seattle
In leaving Baltimore, Cruz became the first home run leader to start the next season with a different team since Adrian Beltre left for Seattle after 2004. The team will somehow need to replace the only player to hit 40 homers and produce 100 RBIs in all of baseball last season.
  1. Nick Markakis leaves for Atlanta
The longest-tenured Oriole -- originally drafted by Baltimore in the first round of the 2003 draft -- left for his hometown Braves after nine years with the O’s. His .342 on-base percentage ranked second on the team last season.
  1. Andrew Miller leaves for TBD location
The Orioles knew Miller was a free agent when they acquired him at the deadline, but it will be even harder to see him walk now after he posted a 0.99 ERA and struck out 42 batters in 27 1/3 in an Orioles uniform.
  1. Cornerstones recovering from injury
For the second consecutive offseason, franchise cornerstone Manny Machado will be coming back from a season-ending knee injury, this time to his right knee. Matt Wieters -- who will be a free agent after this coming season -- is recovering from season-ending elbow surgery.
  1. Davis, Jimenez to rebound?
Chris Davis and Ubaldo Jimenez were supposed to be the best hitter and best pitcher for last season’s Orioles. After hitting 53 homers in 2013, Davis saw his OPS drop 300 points and his average plunge to .196. Jimenez, in the first year of a four-year deal, posted a 4.81 ERA in 125 innings, losing his rotation spot at one point. Davis is a free agent after 2015, and Jimenez has nearly $39 million left on his deal.
• Cleveland is closing in on a deal for Brandon Moss. Oakland has been looking for middle infielders.
• Raul Ibanez withdrew from consideration for the Rays’ managerial job, and Tampa Bay is expected to announce a final decision soon, as Marc Topkin writes.
Moves, deals and decisions
  1. Dave Martinez will become Joe Maddon’s bench coach.
  2. The Pirates signed Clayton Richard.
  3. The Rangers made it official and re-signed Colby Lewis.
  4. Atlanta signed Michael Kohn, as David O’Brien writes.
NL East
• Mark Bradley thinks the Braves’ signing of Markakis was a pricey half-measure.
• Lucas Duda wants to get better versus lefties, writes Kristie Ackert.
NL Central
• A panel OK’d the recent sign plans of the Cubs.
• Justin Upton would be expensive for the Reds, writes John Fay.
• Redsfest is more than just autographs and photos.
NL West
• Clint Barmes is a fit for the Padres.
AL East
• David Ortiz hasn’t talked to Alex Rodriguez in a long, long time, writes Kevin Kernan.
• Michael Saunders is out to prove the Mariners’ GM wrong. He is honored to be wearing a Blue Jays uniform.
AL Central
• The White Sox are selling dirt and seats.
AL West
• A Rutgers product is emerging in the Mariners’ farm system.
• The Houston coaching staff is forming the team’s philosophy.
• Jim Kaat and Tony Oliva hope the Hall call comes.
• Tyler Kepner has an idea for Hall of Fame voters.
• Roy Halladay is selling a house.
• Missed this the other day: Jonathan Papelbon is selling his condo in Philly.
• Ken Davidoff wonders: Is Derek Jeter gearing up to buy the Marlins?
• Alan Trammell’s dream is a Hall of Fame call with Lou Whitaker.
• Bryan Burwell would have been deeply touched by all the great things that people are writing and saying about him. Bryan deserved all of it.
And today will be better than yesterday.
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Horseshoe Casino awaits Baltimore players

Compared to Atlantic City and Las Vegas, Baltimore is not exactly a major American gambling hub, but this is what makes the opening of a new casino a special event. Orioles fans who also have a secret passion for gambling in land-based casinos, will rejoice knowing that Horseshoe Casino has finally opened its doors. The event was highly anticipated and Caesars Entertainment made no secret of the fact that they will be opening a new casino in Maryland. Four more companies opened casino resorts this year, which says a great deal about the rising popularity of gambling at this stage. So far, the legislators are yet to take decisive actions in terms of legalizing online gambling, but such laws are probably closer than they seem. Delaware and New Jersey are two of the neighboring states who already jumped on the bandwagon and there are plenty of governors who contemplate the possibility of following their lead. There is no shortage of interested investors either, with prominent poker rooms, bookmakers and online casinos being interested to spend money here. 32Red Casino announced its intention to establish a more permanent position in the United States and Baltimore looks like a great place to start. For the time being, state residents in general and Baltimore folks in particular have good reasons to check out the Horseshoe Casino, because there is plenty of action waiting for them behind these doors. A total of 2500 slot machines, in excess of 100 life table games and even a World Series of Poker room are bound to provide all the adrenaline rush that poker players could hope for. As stated above, there are other casinos operating here, but in terms of size and magnitude this is by far the most successful one and this should translate into a huge number of customers. The partnership with William Hill casino is supposed to be mutually beneficial, making the Horseshoe Casino the only one to offer outdoor gaming. A lot of money is expected to go towards state coffers, but even more important is the fact that the new venture will lead to the creation of thousands of jobs. The vast majority of those working here are Baltimore residents, which is great news for the cash-strapped city. The initially agreement stated that casino operators were supposed to hire at least 51% of their staff from the city, but it is only fair to assume that they will go a step further.
via Casinoreviews
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So-called Expert gets it wrong?

Hello poker players. I would like to start off by saying I have played poker in a lot of different venues. Different cities, states, dog tracks, home games, free tavern poker, World Poker Tour circuits, WSOP Circuits, as well as running charity poker tournaments and leagues for Main Event Seats.
Last weekend, I was playing in a regional World Tavern Poker event in Baltimore. This league consists of small pockets of players in local taverns, each lead by a tavern Tournament Director. Suffice to say that these TDs are well respected, knowledgeable players. In the regional event this past weekend, I was seated at a table with one of the longest standing TDs of the area. Keep in mind he was not the TD for this event, thank God. During the 1000/2000 blind level, I was BB and 3 seats to my left a player announced: "Raise, lets make it 3000" which he was quickly corrected by the surrounding players. It was at this point that this TD starts saying that the player technically did make a valid raise. He stated that the Big Blind (2000) was a 1000 raise of the small blind and hence the next re-raise is double the raise or 3000. The floor was called and the correct ruling of the raise needs to be 4000 was made. He then went on to say that the rule must have been changed at some point, and that in some casinos the rule is as he stated it. This really irked me, because this guy is listened to and respected. Hell, if he makes a visit to your home tavern the guy gets a round of applause at the beginning of the tournament. So I am looking for a sanity check here. I would like to give him the benefit of a doubt and believe that he has some logical reason to believe this.
So now my question, Has any of you ever been in any casino where the min raise was one increment of the small blind? Example #1: $1/$2 game where you can make an open raise to $3. Example #2: Tournament first level, 25/50 and an open raise to 75.
Please tell me the casino and if the rule is currently in play.
I would also like to know if anyone plays this way in a home game, free tavern, or online. thanks friends. Just trying to stay sane.
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I'm a 28yr/old male looking to change careers. Just discovered my personality type is INTP and I am looking for commentary and advice on choosing a job. Details included:

Life Background
I have a wife and 1yold son.
Played online poker for a living up until it became illegal
Became a bartender for 2 years
Currently work as a casino dealer
Currently studying CompTIA+ to get certified.
Problems with current work lifestyle
I don't like being near the front end of the customer service industry even though I'm really good at it when I see an incentive
A lot of forced socialization exhausts me, especially when my main priority at work is to establish rapport and entertain. I come home with a sense of little fulfillment and exhaustion.
Overall improvement of anything positive fascinates me
Skills, Strong Traits and Accolades
Adept with computers
Superior customer service skills
Advanced Beginner with repairing and restoring electronics
Prompt and ready to work everyday
Quick learner
Always thriving to improve/innovate my skills at work
Work Conditions
Close to home, I live nearest to Baltimore, I'm on the northern end of Maryland. Washington DC is too far to go to work.
Make at least $50,000/yr min. after 5 years employment or dedication to this career field/specialization.
Schooling requirement acceptable as long as its attainable either at a community college, online, or trade school.
Allows me to smoke pot, at home, on my own time, or requires only 1 drug test as soon as I get a job so the risk is extremely low of getting in trouble for doing it.
Career has little risk of being replaced by robots or loss of need in the next 40/50 years.
Update 10:05pm. Same day as post
Thank you for your comments, after filtering in what you both have said, I've had a couple thoughts:
1) I learned, when playing online poker, that sitting directly in front of a computer too long eventually takes its toll on my emotions and feeling of fulfillment. I do love computers and a job that involves say, 75% computing and 25% other activity may be acceptable at most, but anymore than that I will probably not pursue.
2) Electrical Technician was already in my mind as something I may pursue. Hearing it again has my attention even more. I did make it through a casino background check and hair follicle drug test so it's not out of the realm of possibility.
3) I started fixing phones and computers as a side job. This has some of my thoughts leading into 3D printing and robotics as things I may be interested in pursuing if I can find a reasonable direction in either field. I intend to start building my first 3D printer by the end of the year.
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worldnews The EPA going after Fiat for emissions cheating in diesel vehicles now Fiat
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Documentaries Risk Takers - 117 - Loggers 2015 -- More people lose their lives in logging accidents than in any other profession in the United States United
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WritingPrompts WP An angel fall from heaven and the world goes berserk. 5 years later, things have settled down. Now, the angel works as a barista a Starbucks and has a roommate, Steve. Starbucks
worldnews India's $100 billion Tata Group names software chief Natarajan Chandrasekaran as new chairman Tata
videos Power Rangers's official Youtube channel just released a remake but with cats Youtube
funny why you shouldn't wait until 915pm on February 14 to buy roses at Target for Valentine's Day Target
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AskReddit Which Youtube channels do you hate but still watch? Youtube
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science A study has found that temperatures across the northeastern United States could reach the critical 2-degrees Celsius warming threshold up to two decades before the rest of the world does. United
mildlyinteresting This local Walgreens shows Amber Alerts on its marquee. Walgreens
news their job, Microsoft employees developed PTSD, they say Microsoft
AskReddit What Celebrity have you met is a Total Asshole? Total
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gaming So my 17 year old daughter just made a game under my nose on the Google play app store and I had no clue! JUMPY JELLY! Google
gaming Platinum Game's Xbox Exclusive,"Scalebound", has been officially cancelled Xbox
nottheonion Suit: Sleepy Uber driver gave rider wheel, awoke to high-speed chase Uber
pics Keyhole by Kent Mearig Kent
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worldnews 'I escaped death by reciting from the Koran' - BBC News BBC
Music Foals - Spanish Sahara Indie Progressive Rock Progressive
AskReddit What are some great non-fitness Apple Watch apps? Apple
Showerthoughts Every time I misspell something on Google I always click the correct spelling underneath, even though it's really just reloading the same page..without mentioning that I ever made a mistake. Google
AskReddit Why do some people ask questions that could be answered by doing a quick Google search on Ask Reddit? Google
AskReddit If you could live any place in the United States, where would you live and why? United
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worldnews [Syrian who took Merkel selfie sues Facebook over 'defamatory' posts World news](
Documentaries 'The Violent World Of Sam Huff' - CBS cameras follow the NY Giants linebacker, giving the NFL, on the verge of its breakthrough decade, some of its first prime time publicity. Narrated by Walter Cronkite. This was the first TV program to use a wireless microphone. 1960 CBS
news Some Peso Traders Want Mexico to Buy Twitter and Shut It Down Twitter
AskReddit What Youtube channels do you recommend and what can you tell about them? Youtube
WritingPrompts WP It's the year 2278. The Holy Empire of Boston, The New Republic of Philadelphia, and The United Burrows of New New York are at the brink of war. Diplomats from each nation are meeting to negotiate peace. You are the translator. United
videos The Youtube Happiness Deception Youtube
AskReddit What - specifically - made you leave Facebook during/after the 2016 Presidential Election? Facebook
Futurology "Brains Vs. Artificial Intelligence: Upping the Ante," a competition at Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh that pits a Carnegie Mellon University artificial intelligence called Libratus against four of the world's best professional poker players just started Casino
Showerthoughts The "rock" in "Jingle Bell Rock" is not a genre of music but the act of bells rocking back and forth. Bell
worldnews A U.S. judge ordered a Volkswagen executive charged in the Justice Department's diesel emissions investigation held without bail pending trial. He was one of six current and former VW executives charged this week in U.S. District Court. The other five are in Germany and are unlikely to be extradited Volkswagen
funny Sometimes, I love pro sports Twitter feeds Twitter
todayilearned TIL There is a database dedicated to tracking every bomb ever dropped by the United States. So far the Theater History of Operations Reports THOR details nearly 15 million bombing missions ranging from WWI to Vietnam. United
Music Ceez - Rico Suave Prod. Mega Beats Listen on Youtube & Soundcloud Youtube
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Futurology Robot Cars Can Learn to Drive without Leaving the Garage - Playing video games and surfing Google Street View can teach software a lot about driving. Google
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gaming Threw a pipboy sort of face on my Apple Watch S0. Apple
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Futurology FDA clears first-ever ultra high frequency clinical ultrasound from Fujifilm VisualSonics - "able to view images with resolution down to 30 micrometers" Fujifilm
AskReddit Which airport is the worst airport in the United States? United
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AskReddit Who provides the best/worst service? ATT, Verizon, Sprint or T Maybe? Sprint
AskReddit What do you do with the spare parts after you put a Lego set together? Lego
OldSchoolCool Harrison Ford at Cannes Film Festival 1982 Ford
news Donations pour in by the thousands for teen tortured on Facebook Live Facebook
AskReddit Best Buy and Target employees of Reddit, how does it make you feel when I turn off your display TV's with my phone? Target
explainlikeimfive ELI5: Since the United Kingdom is not a part of the Schengen Area and is not obligated to join any time in the future, why was immigration such a big issue during the Brexit debate? United
AskReddit What Google search of yours would read completely inappropriate to a stranger, but in context, is actually benign? Google
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Poker Vlog FLOPPING The NUTS!!! @ Horseshoe Casino Baltimore Poker Vlog Episode 28 Cash Poker @ Horseshoe Casino ... Flopping QUADS at the Horseshoe Baltimore!!! - YouTube Poker Vlog Episode 26 BANNED at Horseshoe Casino (2018) Horseshoe Casino Fight 2015 Poker Vlog ALL IN w/AJ at Horseshoe Casino Baltimore ... A Trip to Baltimore Inner Harbor & Horseshoe Casino! Looking for 7 Wins at Maryland Live - Poker Vlog #47 - YouTube Horseshoe Casino Baltimore on BMORE Lifestyle!

Baltimore Poker open to new customers who are aged 18 and over. Once you have made your first qualifying deposit, please accept or decline your bonus in the pop-up notification window before playing the casino games. Your Welcome Bonus will then be credited to your account immediately. Visit PokerAtlas for details on every legal live and online poker room cash game in Washington DC and Baltimore North America including game variants, run times, minimum and maximum buy-ins, rake and comp info, and more. For history enthusiasts that want to uncover Baltimore's storied past, no trip is complete without learning about the Chesapeake Bay and its role in the city's maritime industry. With this sailing history excursion, you can cruise around Baltimore Harbor and learn how the waterfront relates to the city's development. Along the way, enjoy your guide's live commentary, pass top landmarks, and ... With more than 1,500 positions, Horseshoe Casino Baltimore offers a wide variety of career opportunities. Apply Now. Ultimate Jackpot 7. It's that time of the year again, Ultimate Jackpot is BACK! Swipe in daily to enter and join us for our seventh installment of weekly Punch Board Drawings on Saturdays. Learn More. $7 Touchdown Giveaway. Football season is here, and when the Ravens score, you ... By far the closest casino for most Baltimore residents and visitors is the Horseshoe Casino Baltimore on Russell Street, just ¼ mile south of M&T Bank Stadium. The still, fairly-new building is the third largest casino in Maryland, and generates over $20 million in gambling revenue each month, per the Maryland Lottery and Gaming Authority. The Horseshoe Baltimore Casino Casinos in Baltimore ... WSOP Poker Room. Maryland’s premier Poker facility comes to life at Horseshoe, the place synonymous with the World Series of Poker’s rich history.The WSOP Poker Room at Horseshoe Casino Baltimore currently features 15 tables equipped with plexiglass partitions to enhance guest/employee safety (Playing 8 Handed). Baltimore, Maryland: Casino hotels and other gaming details including up-to-date gaming news, poker tournaments, slot machine information, parimutuel (horse, dog racing), to name a few topics. Vital information and photos of most gambling facilities in Baltimore. Baltimore City Casino Project, bally's casino ac, chinook winds casino poker room, casino in atlantic city nj. Play now Info . 22. First of all, you should click the MegaSlot Baltimore City Casino Project registration button on the upper right side of the homepage. Then you can enter your email and password. You can then select your preferred currency and country of residence. On the next page ... Horseshoe Baltimore's 23-table room opened in the summer of 2014 and provided more poker options, while MGM National Harbor has been a hit with area players since its December 2016 grand unveiling. Its room has 46 tables, including a high-limit area with 8 tables and 2 more in a semi-private poker salon. Hollywood Casino in Perryville also serves DC and Baltimore players with dependable ... Baltimore, Maryland: Casino hotels and other gaming information including the latest casino news, poker tournaments, slots information, parimutuel (greyhounds & horses), and more subjects. Contact information and images of many gambling facilities in Baltimore.

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Poker Vlog FLOPPING The NUTS!!! @ Horseshoe Casino Baltimore

Dru Hill performs "Never Make A Promise" Live at Baltimore Horseshoe Casino - Duration: 5:21. Concert Daily Recommended for you. 5:21. Fight at the Coconut Creek Casino, Fl - Duration: 2:29. ... Playing the midnight Poker tournament at Horseshoe Baltimore. Ive had some pretty decent luck here lately. In this episode I had a crazy hand where I got all... Played Poker in the Horseshoe casino 1/2 NLH Cash game while celebrating my Girlfriends Bday. This was a Very last minute Decision and wasn't Planning on pla... In today's #pokervlog, we take a trip down to Baltimore for the girl's cheer competition and I play some poker at the Horseshoe Baltimore. On night one, I pl... Some more poker prior to Live at the Bike - I move things along to 1/3 at Maryland Live and go for my 7th win on the vlog. Hands start at 5:40. Live At The B... Poker Vlog Episode 28 Cash Poker @ Horseshoe Casino [Baltimore] - Duration: 5:58. Tony G 410 516 views. 5:58. Poker Vlog Live Casino Bounty Poker Tournament - Duration: 13:29. Tony G 410 175 views ... Poker Vlog Episode 26 BANNED at Horseshoe Casino (2018 ... Table Games Introduction - Horseshoe Casino Baltimore - Duration: 2:53. Horseshoe Baltimore Recommended for you. 2:53. Baltimore Inner ... Played an Afternoon session of 1/3 NLH at the Horseshoe Casino Baltimore. To say I ran well would be an understatement. Hope you guys enjoy. Please dont forg... Horseshoe Casino Baltimore is an urban two-story casino with a 122,000 sq. ft. gaming floor. The multi-million development features VLTs, table games and a World Series of Poker room. A 20,000 sq ...